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Replacement Bosch tumble dryer drive belt 1956H7


Part number BLT 9366


To fit Bosch WTA Ranges




Length = 1956mm

Section = H7

This belt may fit other makes and models of tumble dryer

Manufacturers name, part number and images are for reference purposes only.

Bosch BLT9366 1956H7 Tumble Dryer Drive Belt

SKU: BLT9366
  • Common causes of tumble dryer belts breaking include:

    • missuse (inapropriate items in the drum) training shoes with laces for example
    • rear bearing wear
    • front slide or support wear
    • jockey pulley, belt tensioner failure

    Before replacing the tumble dryer belt ensure that there is no obvious causes (reference above) Failure to do so may result in the replacement belt failing unduely.

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