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A COMPATIBLE SPARE PART To fit Kenwood American Fridge Freezer Models including

KSBSDB17 | KSBSW17| KSBSX17 | KSBSDX15 | KSBSDB15 | KW98A0129 | KFF2DS14 | KFF2DW14   




We are not aware of any modifications made to these fan motors inline with the current issue, therefor, you are purchasing a fan motor which is of the original design, quality and specification. 


Type: KBL-48ZWT05- 1204 4/0.6 watts 12 volts 1450 RPM


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**Names and part numbers are used in reference only. This part is a non genuine spare part which is not supplied by the manufacturer of the appliance. This spare part is an economy or after market spare part which will fit the appliance models stated above or any other model advised by ourselves. Not sure if this fan motor will fit your appliance? Why not contact us with your model number and we'll do the rest. Call Nina in the office on 01592 303025.


We guarantee this product for a period of 30 days from date of purchase however, we do not cover defective workmanship carried out by non trained personnel. We advise using a local reputable appliance repair company to undertake work of this nature. As we have no way of ratifying the manner in which work is undertaken, we cannot guarantee the lifespan of the product. This is any economy, non genuine component, which may be of dissimilar quality compared to the manufacturers original spare part.

Kenwood Fridge Freezer DC Fan Motor

SKU: KPN0010
  • Common symptoms of a faulty freezer fan motor may include:

    Fridge freezer making a loud rumbling/grinding noise

    E4 error message on the LED display

    Poor cooling in the fridge compartment (top warm/bottom cold)

    Poor cooling in the freezer compartment (top defrosting/bottom cold)