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NEFF K9724X4GB/05 fridge freezer Displaying AL temperature warning signal

The 'AL' warning will show on the digital display if the freezer temperature is too warm. This temperature warning may indicate a fault within the freezer.

Exceptions to this being a NEFF fridge freezer fault may include:

When the appliance is switched on for the first time

When filling the freezer with large volumes of warm food or

If the freezer door has been left open for a long period of time

If your NEFF fridge freezer has developed a fault it is important to call a service engineer at your earliest convenience. If you fail to do so, and depending on the fault, it may have an adverse effect on the fridge.

What do Kingdom Appliance Care think the fault could be?

There are several issues which can create the high temperature warning.

Firstly, the most common, a blocked freezer drain hole. This is probably the only fault a customer can really do anything about themselves. You may be able to identify this by looking in the base of the freezer for frozen water or, towards the back panel for any signs of an ice build up. If this is identified, it may be possible to clear this by switching the appliance off for 48 hours with the compartment doors open however, depending on what has caused the blockage, this may be unsuccessful.

Other faults may include but are not limited to:

Faulty freezer fan motor/fan

Faulty defrost sensor

Thermal fuse open circuit

Drain or gutter heaters open circuit

Evaporator heater open circuit

Restriction or leak on the refrigerant circuit

Poor pumping or seized refrigerant compressor

Kingdom Appliance Care suggest you seek advice from an experienced appliance service engineer under any circumstances. Kingdom Appliance Care are happy to help, if we can advise you over the phone we will.

Many thanks for dropping by.

Kingdom Appliance Care


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