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Beko CDA543FB-2 - fridge freezing

A common complaint we receive for Beko fridge freezers is that the fridge is too cold or the fridge is freezing.

As you can see, the infrared device is showing -6.1 degrees celsius in the fridge use!

A domestic fridge should generally regulate around 5 degrees Celsius, depending on the setting.

So what causes this problem with Beko fridges?

I like to keep things brief so...I will. It's the fridge evaporator sensor.

This sensor may also be known as an NTC (negative temperature coefficient) or a thermistor however, for the average's a sensor.

What does this sensor do?

Let's nutshell this....

The sensor provides information to the circuit board relating to the fridge temperature.

The circuit board, in accordance with what the sensor is telling it, switches the refrigerant compressor on and off.

The compressor makes the fridge cold.

If the sensor fails and gives incorrect information to the circuit board, the board will not switch the compressor off at the right time. As a result, the fridge will over cool or freeze.

Make sense?...I hope so.

Can this fault be repaired?

Yes it can. Some online forums suggest this is not the case however, Kingdom Appliance Care advise differently.

This repair CAN be carried out SAFELY, and, COST EFFECTIVELY.

A skilled and competent appliance engineer can provide expert advice, saving you major expense on replacing your Beko fridge freezer.....for such a simple fault.

Kind regards

Kingdom Appliance Care


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