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Hoover E03 error message

If your Hoover washing machine is displaying an E03 error message this may suggest a drainage issue.

Manufacturers often programme their electronics to display specific error codes when a fault occurs.

These faults are however, only a guide.

Assuming E03 is an error relating to a drainage issue, the things we can check ourselves are:

The drain filter and pump chamber ( normally found inside the pull down flap at the front of the machine)

The drain hose end and pipe fitting to which it is attached, under the sunk

There are other issues directly, and indirectly associated with drainage which will cause this error message to be displayed.

On a recent service visit, Kingdom Appliance Care

found a completely un-associated issue had caused this washing machine to fault out on an E03 code.

Keeping it brief, the complaint was that the machine was sticking in the programme at 21 minutes, the drum would turn back and forward for a while then stop, displaying the E03 code. The customer advised that if they manually set the machine to drain at this point, it would drain? Hmmm, strange, this error code suggests a drainage issue!

This probably sounds strange to someone who doesn't repair washing machines every day.

With the appliance disconnected from the electrical supply, we were able to use electrical test equipment to get to the bottom of the problem. Ok, so what was it?...

Using electrical testing equipment and fault finding procedures, we found the issue was with the 'wash element', the component that heats the water.

So if your hoover washing machine is behaving similarly and you can't find the problem yourself, don't assume it's a major fault. Get in touch with a local, experienced appliance engineer.

Kingdom Appliance Care can advise this repair was cost effective and straight forward to do.

We hope this helps you further.


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