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Dyson DC19 Blitz It.....has been blitzed by Kingdom Appliance Care.

We see all sorts of Dyson problems in the workshop. For the most part it's neglect or maintenance issues which cause hoover faults! 

This dyson DC19 had no power? On investigation it was established that the main motor had burnt out. This sounds major right? No! In fact it's quite common. 

This dyson vacuum cleaner was fitted with a new motor; pre and post motor filters; and the cyclone blasted clean using compressed air. Finally, the unit was sanitised for infection control. The cost of this work was considerably less than replacing the unit for new (Happy days)

The suction and performance of this unit is now phenomenal! It's as good as it was the day it was purchased. This is every reason to repair rather than replace, give me a reason why not?

Thanks for dropping by.....until the next time.

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