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They just don't make cookers like they used to!

Fact or an overused cliche? Appliances are not built like they were! I suppose there are, like most topics, arguments for and against. Technology has changed, manufacturing techniques have changed, the way we live has changed, the generation has changed and so on.

The price point of entry level appliances suggests as we all know, you get what you pay for! One of the major issues with "cheaper" appliances is for sure the encouragement of the "throw away" society we are heavily promoting in the modern era....bad! bad! bad!

In years gone buy, the purchase of an appliance was considered a long term investment, not anymore - sadly!

During a recent service visit to this Parkinson Cowan gas cooker with an eye level grill, my point was evident. The cooker is 14 years old; this was it's very first repair. The lovely customer saw fit to repair the appliance (at reasonable cost) as opposed to replacing it for new. I wish more of us had the same ethos! After all those years, a new main oven thermostat put this fault right, the appliance functions fantastically now.

Before you rush off the buy a new appliance, what not give us a call? We could save you money and the planet less waste to choke on.

Most faults are cost effective and straight forward to repair.

Thanks for dropping by.

Cheerio for now. 


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