Candy Tumble Dryer 31100904 CS-C8LF-80. Buttons not responding to the touch?

Candy Tumble Dryer Model Number 31100904

On a recent service visit to a Candy tumble dryer the customer advised that the user buttons would not respond? She was experiencing difficulty setting programmes etc.

On investigating this issue, it became apparent it was a software or electronic issue if you like.

Having checked for any physical discrepancy within the PCB mounting points, the inter connecting ribbon/cable and wiring etc. I concluded that to fault was within the electronics.

I return to complete the repair, fitting a new main PCB as diagnosed. After programming the board in line with the manufacturers instruction. I function tested the appliance to find the problem was solved!

Another happy customer! One less appliance for the waste stream!.

Thanks for reading.

Bye for now

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