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Kenwood KTLD60X15 Fridge Freezer | Random Bleeping | Display Flashing | No Cooling...

Image of upper door wiring cover

There's never a convenient time for your fridge freezer to play up! When it does, it can cause a great deal of stress and concern especially when it's little over a year old! Ugghhh! 

The fault reported to us was that the electronic display was lighting up erratically and randomly bleeping when the door was closed, hmmmm! I'm no Einstein however, something is not as it should be! I investigated a little further....

From experience, I know that the wiring loom to the display PCB is routed across the upper door hinge to the door so, I took a little look. There is a cover on top of the door which can be easily unclipped. On doing so there was nothing visibly obvious. I unclipped the hinge cover and gripped the wiring loom across the bent area. I proceeded to move the wiring back and forth to replicated the action of opening and closing the door. On doing so, the display burst into song (bingo) With the power (electricity supply) switched off I unclipped the wiring loom. Carefully using a Stanley knife I cut back the insulating tape to expose the wiring. As suspected, I found the blue wire broken/badly damaged.

Due to the nature of this fault replacing the loom was the only option. Attempting to repair the wiring in this location would only lead to a 're occurring issue of the same nature (my opinion)

I fitted a new wiring loom and modified the hinge cover to prevent entrapment of the wiring. In line with good working practice I carried out the appropriated electrical safety tests post repair and function tested the repair work and all seems ok. 

Thankfully the customer, despite their annoyance, opted for a repair as opposed to a new appliance. Win win! Customer saves money as the environment breathes a sigh of relief 😉

You can buy this spare part direct from our online store here 

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