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Whirlpool Washing Machine Repair - Error Code E08

Repairing modern washing machines can be a minefield when it comes to fault codes, symptoms etc. Despite the best efforts and experience of a good engineer, things are not always straight forward to diagnose!

Our customer today reported an error message F08 on a Hotpoint washing machine model number WWDC8420/20 - 859204215010. My visit today was to investigate this further.

From my own technical information, an F08 error code on this model suggests a fault within the wash heater or the electronics. Further to carrying out my electrical safety tests, i went straight to the heating element to prove its circuit. On inspection i found an open circuit on the element - this means the element is faulty.

As a result of the electronics detecting the wash element open circuit, it had effectively shut down, displaying only the F08 code. At this stage the washing machine was doing nothing other than locking the door. 

To prove there was not an issue with the electronics, I had to by-pass the faulty heater to allow the logic to work. To do this, I had to create a resistance the same as that of a normal heater and place it in circuit. Bingo! Would you believe it? The appliance hopped into life. Great, I can now order the new heater in confidence.

Error codes are only a guide! There is always a requirement to physically inspect components. Ordering parts unnecessarily costs money. 

On this occasion we nailed it! The repair worked out very cost effective to put right, saving our customer money on the the cost of a replacement appliance.

Hopefully this information helps you. 

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