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Samsung Fridge Freezer Repair | RL33SBSW1/XEU Fridge Freezing | Ice in bottom of freezer

I met an old acquaintance today! I haven't seen a Samsung RL33 for quite some so it was a bit of a reunion 😁

This fridge freezer is a fridge on top, freezer on the bottom arrangement. It's an air blown system whereby the freezer fan moves cool air between the cabinets. A damper flap opens and closes to control the air flow to the fridge in line with temperature requirements.

If any issue occurs with the damper flap, it will have a direct impact on the fridge temperature, which is exactly the issue here. One of the plastic pivot points on the flap had split (refer to images) causing the flap to remain permanently open. As a result (irrespective of the fridge temperature demand) cold air is allowed to pass to the fridge cabinet destabilising the perfect temperature. 

To rectify the above issue, the damper flap/rear evaporator cover must be replaced.

A common fault with the frost free fridge freezer (irrespective of brand) is an ice build up appearing in the very base of the freezer. The main causes of this is are a blockage in the freezer evaporator drain duct or a blockage in the drain duct grommet. As a result, the water cannot follow it's intended route to the compressor drip tray therefor leaks into the freezer base whilst on a defrost cycle.

To put this right, I stripped out the evaporator covers front and rear to expose the blockage. Using a steamer (which I carry on the van) I defrosted the ice to inspect the drain hole. On inspection I found food matter in the duct and grommet. Most likely to have migrated to the freezer from the fridge. 

To complete the repair I cleared the debris and rebuilt all parts. As this damper assembly is not a common spare part, it had to be ordered from the wholesaler so a return visit will be required! 

This appliance is 12 years old and has plenty life left to live. A very straight forward, cost effective fix has saved this customer time and money replacing it for new. Before you consider your Samsung Fridge freezer beyond repair - give Kingdom Appliance Care a call! We could save YOU money too!

Hopefully this information helps you with similar Samsung Fridge freezer issues.

Thanks for dropping by.



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