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Samsung Fridge Freezer Repair | RS21FCNS | No Cooling...

We received a call from a customer recently who advise their Samsung Fridge freezer had stopped cooling after a recent power cut? Hmmm, let's check it out...

So, part of any engineers job is to diagnose a fault and, do it as quickly and accurately as possible. This does not always require tools in the first instance so....

On attending this call I firstly - listened to the customer to learn more about the problem. Next i proceeded to carry out my initial electrical safety tests to ensure my on safety....

Now! My initial thoughts sway towards a compressor related fault as, from experience, ive seen this many times before so, I'm going to switch the appliance on at the source of energy to investigate further. It's common for a seized compressor to disconnect the klixon on the run winding if it's motor windings fail. Without using any tools etc I'm going to listen for a humming type noise followed by a prominent click from the compressor area, this will suggest that potentially the compressor has seized. And guess what? That's exactly what I found. No that I've established this much, I'll get the tools out....

After removing the lower back vent panel the compressor can be accessed readily. With the electrical supply disconnected, I removed the compressor electrics cover to expose the start relay and klixon. I removed the above components to expose the three compressor pins. Using my electrical test meter (set to ohms) I metered out the pins to gain the internal winding readings of the motor. If this type of compressor is healthy, the resistance value of the top pin to the bottom left pin + the value from the top pin to the bottom right will equal the reading obtained across the bottom two pins with virtually no discrepency. This test proved to me the compressor was in fact faulty. Congress work here! To ensure there were no refrigerant leaks, I used my hydrocarbon gas leak detector to prove this prior to any works. No gas leaks were found.

As I have taken the appropriate action to determine the fault, I can carry out a compressor change with confidence that the repair will be a success.

This Samsung fridge freezer repair was a complete success. It is a specialised repair and there is considerable cost involved however, its far more cost effective than replacing the unit for a new Samsung American side by side.

Our customer was very happy with the outcome. As always, we were very thankful for the business. The customer saved £££ on the cost of a new appliance and the environment can breath a big sign of relief....thats one less for now!

I hope this post is of help and interest to you.

Thanks for dropping by



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