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Beko Oven Repair | OIF21000F | Oven not heating up...

One of the most common repairs an appliance engineer is likely to experience is an oven element change. 

Common symptoms of a failed oven element will include the oven not heating up, the oven not reaching temperature etc.

Our customer reported to us that her Beko oven had stopped heating up but prior to this, the oven was making a loud screeching, metal type noise! Further investigation was required...

Further to carrying out my electrical safety tests on site, I removed the 4 screws in the oven rear cover to expose the element. Carrying out a visual inspection, it was clear to me that the Beko Fan Element had distorted. As a result of this it had come into contact with the moving fan blade (refer to image) causing the horrendous noise reported by the customer.

Beko and Lamona ovens are manufactured in such a way that the oven has to be completely removed from it's installation to test/remove the fan oven element....

Further to uninstalling the appliance, I carried out a continuity test on the fan element. A healthy element should have a resistance of approximately 28 ohms. In this instance the element had no was faulty!

I fitted a new element, 're fitted all parts etc. and carried out my final safety tests. The final safety tests will ensure the appliance is safe. It will also allow us to compare these readings to our initial readings to ensure nothing has changed detrimentally.

Finally! I function tested the appliance. Set the appliance to max temperature on the thermostat and let it burn off the residual oil content on the new element (that new smell) This will be slightly pungent but nothing to worry about. When the oven thermostat switches off at maximum temper, we can consider the oven fully operational and.....Good to go.

You can purchase Beko/Lamona Oven elements for this model from our store. Please follow the link to check this out 

Hopefully this post helps you further - many thanks for dropping by.




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