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Beko BDVC663W Oven Repair | Fan Element Replacement ELE4018

As previously discussed, replacing a Beko Oven Fan Element is more of a challenge for the average Engineer as the appliance must be removed from it's installation to complete the repair.

On releasing the oven rear cover by removing the 4 securing screws, it can be observed that the two tag screws are secured from the rear! Ugghhh! This type of job should be easier....really! Never mind.....

The sequence of repair procedure is as follows:

  1. Isolate the Beko Cooker at the double pole switch

  2. Carry out an earth continuity test from the oven door hinge to the earth loop

  3. Remove the appliance from it's installation and complete the safety testing

  4. If safe, switch the appliance back on to replicate the fault (main oven - No heat)

  5. Switch the appliance off at the oven switch then the double pole isolator. Prove dead at the cooker mains terminal using a voltage tester. Isolate at the consumer unit circuit breaker

  6. Remove the oven rear cover by removing the 4 screws

  7. Inspect the element for obvious signs of failure (leave the bottom tag screw in at this stage)

  8. Remove the cooker rear cover to expose the element tags

  9. Remove the live and neutral feed to the element then test the element resistance using a multimeter set to ohms. The resistance of the element at room temperature should be 30 ohms (approximately)

  10. Locate the two element securing screws within the Rockwood insulation and remove (had you taken out the internal screw previously, the element would have fallen inside)

  11. From inside the oven, now release the element bottom tag screw, the element can now be removed from the oven

  12. Before fitting the new element, ensure it's circuit by repeating step 9

  13. To complete the rebuild, follow steps 11 to the start doing the steps opposed to strip down

The first step before and after 'work's' must always be safety. This is 2 fold, it ensures no deterioration has taken place during work by comparing electrical readings and ensures the appliance is in safe and serviceable condition.

Ensure the main oven switch is off. Reset the circuit breaker, switch on the double pole isolator and turn the main oven on to high temperature.

The new element will produce an unusual smell. This is residual oil within the element material, likely used during the manufacturing process. This will 'burn off' as the element heats. Let the element heat until it switches of on the thermostat. This will ensure, within reason, that the thermostat is functional.

It's takes the same effort to write a blog post on a Beko element change as it does to complete the work! Tea break....

Buy this Beko Oven Element from our store. Follow the link below to repair your oven...

Check out the images below for reference.....


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