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Samsung Ecobubble WF80F5E2W4X/EU | Porthole Gasket Replacement

I was looking forward to an easy run of jobs today, what with it being Friday.....and all that! Nina in the office had different ideas!....

Joking aside, my third job today was a porthole gasket change on a Samsung Ecobubble washing. Despite the fact that this repair can be done from the front of the washing machine, my best advice is to remove the front panel of the washing machine which makes for easy access to all parts, its actually very straight forward to do....

The procedure to change the port hole gasket is as follows:

Carry out the appropriate electrical safety tests

Remove the appliance lid using a 10mm socket or Phillips type screwdriver

Remove the 3 Phillips screws along the top of the fascia panel

Remove the soap dispenser and extract the 2 Phillips type screws in the front of the fascia

Unclip the lugs from fascia along the top edge using a flat head screwdriver. Carefully remove the fascia and allow the fascia to hang down

Remove the outer retaining band from the porthole gasket and peel the gasket from the front panel

Remove the 3 Phillips screws from the underside of the washing machine front panel

Remove the 2 upper screws from the washing machine front panel Using a 10mm socket of a Phillips screwdriver

Lift the front panel up to unclip it from its fixings and it will come away from the main body. As the door and it's wiring are still attached to the panel simply move it to the right hand side

Using a 7mm socket (turning clockkwise) release the port hole gasket inner clamp ring/wire. Remove the clamp and the seal will come away also nicely

When fitting the new gasket, ensure the drain holes are directly at the bottom 

When happy with the gasket position, begin the rebuild process in reverse order from 11 - 1

The final action after a successful repair is the function test. Advice: as the washing machine has been moved from it's original position, check the the drain hose and water inlet hose are back in place, notvtrapped or linked. Put the appliance onto a rinse and spin programme. This will allow you to check for leaks and ensure the appliance drains correctly. All good? Excellent news! You just repaired your Samsung Ecobubble washing machine.

Hopefully you found this information helpful.

Until the next time.....


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