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Leisure Bistro 55 | Main Oven not reaching temperature...

This cool dude could me mistaken for a young thing! At 17 years old, its very much a classic...

On inspecting the reported fault, I found the main oven burner staying on a low flame....not kicking up on to a high flame as it should.

This is a common fault on gas ovens where the Flame Supervision Device (FSD) stops doing it's job.

In brief, an FSD is a safety device responsible for proving that a flame exists. In the event that the flame goes out, the FSD closes and reduces the gas volume to that supplied to the burner on the initial low flame setting. 

How the FSD works....

The flame heats a gas/liquid substance within the FSD bulb. The FSD bulb is appropriately positioned across the burner surface absorbing heat from the flame. As the bulb heats, the heat energy opens the safety valve fully to allow the maximum volume of gas to flow to the burner. Inversely, if the flame goes out, the bulb cools and the valve closes. Quite simple really 😁

The challenge with this fault is sourcing a replacement FSD. According to the manufacturer this part is now obsolete! Sadly this can happen with older appliances. In the meantime, we'll keep our fingers crossed and everything else too 🤞

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