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Has your fan oven stopped heating up? Why not....

Find a Local takeaway and eat happy tonight! Only messing....

There's never a good time for your oven to stop heating up! If it does, don't panic! It could be something simple like the oven fan element which has packed in! Testing an oven fan element is straight forward to do. Let's take a look at how to do this.......

After successfully removing the fan element from the oven cavity, visually inspect the element surface for obvious signs of damage/distortion, this can be an early sign of a faulty element.

Using an autoranging multimeter set the function to Ohms. Touch the probe ends together to ensure the meter/leads are in good order and note the resistance value. (Image 1) place the meter probes across the element tags and observe the meter display. We can see that the display is showing 'OL' this means there is no circuit through the element - it's faulty. 

It's good practice to test the new element too! (Image 2) as above, we place the meter probes across the element tags and observe the multimeter display. This time, we have a readout! The reading is 26.8 ohms of resistance through the element at the room temperature. The new element is good. And, its as simple as that!

Kingdom Appliance Care are your answer to weight loss! If your oven has stopped heating up or is not reaching temperature,  and you're currently eating takeaway as a result....we can help! Call Nina in the office on 01592 303025 to arrange a repair or, to buy an oven element direct.

The element used on this repair was for a logik/vestel built freestanding cooker. You can buy this oven element here....   


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