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Zanussi Fridge Freezer Repair | Model ZRB23200WA | Warm Fridge....

Firstly! It's far too hot to be working on a day like this in Scotland....just saying! Could be worse.... If your fridge decides to stop working!

On my initial inspection I found this fridge freezer was an air blown set up. What this means is that the fridge takes it's cooling air from the freezer compartment via an interconnecting duct. The cooling air is forced through the duct by the freezer evaporator fan motor. 

From experience I know that the fridge door switch controls the fan motor operation. Assuming that the compressor is running, pressing the door switch should bring the fan on immediately. On doing so, I was aware there was no noise coming from the fan motor so, further investigation was required.....

The Zanussi freezer fan motor is very easy to access on this model. There are 5 screws in total to remove the evaporator cover and fan housing. Firstly, remove the top left screw from the front panel and remove the cover section. Remove the 4 remaining screws and release the main evaporator cover/motor housing. Before the panel can be removed from the freezer, the jack plug connection for the motor electrical supply must be disconnected (blue connection  R/H side)

The motor windings can be tested using a multimeter set to ohms. On doing so i found the motor windings open circuit. This means the fan motor is faulty and must be replaced. Fortunately I had a new motor in my van stock and was able to repair this appliance on the day...thankfully!

Further to rebuilding the appliance parts and confirming my safety tests I function tested the appliance. This is done again by pushing the fridge door switch. This time I could hear the fan motor kicking in. I placed my hand across the fridge air ducts and could feel the nice cool air entering the fridge compartment - great news! Thank God I stuck in at school 😊

I guess this sounds a simple repair! If I said that 2 engineers had attended this repair previously and failed to diagnose this simple repair, you may think differently!

It's horses for courses! 

Hopefully this posts helps you with a similar problem. 

Enjoy the sunshine



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