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Beko Washing Machine WM74135W - Not Spinning - E11 Error Code....

The fault reported to the office was that this Beko washing was not draining or spinning! Sooooo....let's take a look.....

Beko cleverly provide the facility for service engineers to put Beko appliances through a diagnostic test. The test allows all mechanical and electrical components to be tested by simply....pushing buttons! On doing so I was able to recover the error message E11 from the software and found no motor action during the function test....

After further inspection, I found the motor DC Control Module/PCB had failed! This part was replaced and the repair was a success.

This was a very cost effective repair to complete! saving our customer time and money against the cost of a new appliance. To book a Beko washing machine repair with us - Call Nina in the office on 01592 303025

Hopefully this information helps you too!

(Image 1)

Beko WM71435W Washing Machine

(Image 2)

Location of DC Motor Module

(Image 3)

Faulty DC Module


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