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Hisense Fridge Freezer Model RS696N4II1| Cooling Issue | Freezer not Freezing....

We received a call from our customer Mr Wellburn in Dalgety Bay - Fife, who advised his Hisense American style fridge freezer had cooling issues! We took up the challenge of investigating and putting right this fault for Mr Wellburn. If your Hisense American style Fridge Freezer has cooling issues this might be worth a read...

On a recent service visit to this appliance I found the freezer was not reaching temperature? Hmmm! There was some cooling in there as, at a glance, I could see ice on the back panel. Let's get this bad boy to bits and have a look....go to image 3...

Image 1.

Image of the front control panel

Image 2.

Image of the appliance data badge and model number

Image 3.

With the electricity supply safely isolated we can start work...

On removing the freezer evaporator cover I found the evaporator badly iced. This will reduce air flow causing an increase in cabinet temperature. But why?...

Image 4.

Prior to carrying out the relevant component tests, the evaporator must be defrosted. I carry a steamer on the van to do this

Image 5.

At the right hand side of this image you will see the jack plug connections. 2 grey wires, 2 orange wires, 2 black wires, 2 white wires (and a partridge in a pear tree)

They are as follows:

2 black wires = Evaporator defrost heater

Correct reading in ohms = 215 approx

2 grey wires = Thermal fuse

Correct reading in ohms = 0 approx

2 orange wires = Thermal fuse

Correct reading in ohms = 0 approx

2 white wires = Defrost Sensor

Resistance reading = variable with temperature

On successful completion of the above, I concluded that the defrost sensor was the at fault. Using a resistance to temperature chart I found the sensor out of calibration. A new sensor was fitted and the repair was a complete success.

Hopefully this post helps you further.

To buy this spare part or to book a Hisense American Fridge Freezer Repair Call Nina in the office on 01592 303025

Many thanks



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