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Indesit Washing Machine | Carbon Brush Replacement | How to do it...

Changing carbon brushes on a washing machine motor can be challenging! First things first, are the brushes worn? How do we test this?....

With a load in the washing machine, set it to the spin function, on the maximum spin speed. If the drum fails to turn it's likely to be a motor related issue. Next, remove the load from the drum. Set the programme to spin only but this time on the lowest spin speed. If the drum turns, its most likely to be the carbon brushes.

The washing machine I'm demonstrating the carbon brush change on is an Indesit IWE 7145S. This can be done from underneath the machine. With the electricity supply safely isolated, we can now start work....

With a non slip protective mat under the back to feet, lean the appliance back against the kitchen worktop until it's stable. Using a torch, identify the motor brushes and prepare to inspect them as follows:

Image 1.

Release the brushes by removing the two screws on each brush. The brushes shown below are worn and require replacements.

Image 2.

Remove the electrical connections from each brush and connect to the replacement brush. At this stage, do not break the brush retaking clips. Locate the new brush onto the motor housing and secure the screws

Image 3.

Using a pair of sharp snips, snip the brush retaining clips to release the carbon 

Image 4.

This image shows the clip removed and the carbon in contact with the motor armature/rotor. **If you fail to remove these clips correctly, the washing machine drum will not turn**

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