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Stoves Newhome Oven | Grill Element Replacement.....

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Replacing the grill element on this Stoves single oven was straight forward to do. It's literally 4 screws, 3 wires and 15 minutes of time. Let's look at how to do this...

With the electricy supply safely isolated, we can now start work....

Stoves Grill Element Replacement

Image 1.

From inside the oven, remove the two screws in the rear tag. Remove the grill element front support by releasing the two screws (two holes on the under side of the support provide access to the screws)

Image 2.

With one hand holding the element, remove the front support by pulling it towards you and allow the element to drop down. Remove the electrical connections and proceed to the next step

Image 3.

Using a multimeter test the element resistance. As seen in image 3, this element is faulty. A healthy element should be around 28 ohms this element is open circuit.

Image 4.

Connect the electrical connections to the new element and rebuild all parts. Carry out the appropriate safety tests then function test the appliance....

As the element starts to heat, its likely to produce that 'new' smell. Don't worry, its perfectly normal. Allow the element to burn off until you're satisfied, then.......

you're good to go 😊

Hopefully this post helps you further.

Good luck...



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