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Samsung RSA1NTPE | Cooling Issue | Choked Condenser....

As the warmer weather impacts us, it can also impact Fridge Freezers which are poorly maintained....

During a recent service I found the air intake duct on this Samsung American Fridge Freezer choked with household dust. This is very common! more so because most surrounding floor surfaces are hard (wood/tile etc) Hard surfaces don't trap dust the same as carpets do so the fans on these appliances will drawn in dust freely. Of courses, general cleanliness is an issue also.

The vent can be found down at the back left hand side (looking from the front) The vent forms part of the steel duct which covers the condensing unit, compressor etc. 

To remove the cover, remove the securing screws and lift the cover of the lugs but be careful, the edges are sharp. With the power switched off, use a vacuum cleaner to extract any dust from the condensing coils (the black bunch of coils/pipes on the right hand side. Brush or vacuum the panel vent and refit.

Poor maintenance will cause the

Refrigerant to under condense

The compressor operating temperature to increase

The appliance temperatures to become unstable

The benefit of regular maintenance are

Reduced energy consumption

Improved cooling efficiency

Maintained compressor life span

Choked cooling air vents

Samsung RSA1NTPE


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