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Delonghi Oven ESF-461-ST | Fan Element Replacement | Buy Delonghi fan oven elements | Local | Direct

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Some ovens present more of a challenge to repair than others! This Delonghi Oven was no exception, as the fan element is secured from the rear. To complete the repair successfully, the oven must be removed from it's installation to release the element.

With the appliance disconnected from the electricity supply:

  1. Remove the oven rear cover (5 screws) to expose the fan element

  2. Remove the appliance top cover and rear cover to expose the element tags

  3. Remove the live, neutral & earth wires from the element tags

  4. Release the two bracket screws (found within the insulation)

  5. Remove the remaining tag screw from the element (inside the oven cavity) & remove the faulty element

  6. To fit the new fan element, follow the previous steps in reverse

  7. Complete the appropriate electrical safety tests then switch the oven on to function test

  8. Allow the appliance to reach full temperature to allow the residual oil contained on the replacement element surface to burn off (the new smell)

When you're happy that the element is burnt're good to go!

Hopefully this information helps you further.

You can buy this replacement Delonghi fan oven element direct from our store here..

Image of the oven rear cover

Image of the element wiring & tags

Image of the failed oven element (bottom) & the new element (top)

Image of the new element fitted

Image of the Delonghi Oven data badge. This can be located inside the main oven door on the right hand side


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