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Tricity Bendix Tiara |  SB200/2 | Oven Element Replacement | Oven Not Heating

She's not Royalty but she's certainly a lady.....

Tricity Tiara SB200/2 booked in for a service visit today. A lovely original cooker with static cooking elements and a look which is less popular in the modern era however, always a sight for sore eyes.

The fault reported to Kingdom Appliance Care was that the oven was no longer heating up and had previously tripped the electrics.

Experience draws me to inspect the oven elements first as they are easy to access. With the electrical supply disconnected, remove the oven wire shelves and lift off the left & right hand side self cleaning panels. The oven side elements can now be visually inspected.

As you can see from the attached images, the Tricity Tiara oven elements have both failed.

It's very unlikely that both elements will fail at the same time.

The elements can be replaced from inside the oven cavity by removing the single screw through the element tags at the oven back wall.

Kingdom Appliance Care can repair your Tricity oven issue for you! Perhaps you can handle this repair yourself? Then why not buy Tricity Tiara side elements direct from our store here....

**SAFETY FIRST** Always carry out the appropriate electrical safety tests before and after work. ENSURE the electrical supply is safely isolated at all times during service and PROVE IT before commencing work.

Image showing the right hand element

Image showing the left hand element


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