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How To Replace A Zanussi Fan Oven Element | Model ZCV662MXC | Buy This Fan Element Here...

In this post we will document the procedure of replacing the main oven fan element in a Zanussi oven. The model number of the appliance we will be working on is a DUSF44X.

Unlike other oven brands, this main oven fan element can be replaced from inside the oven cavity. This eliminates the need to manually handle the appliance furthermore reduces the risk of cuts and damage to property during removal.....happy days!

This article is a general guide of "How to replace an oven element" Of course, we always recommend using the service of a Professional Appliance Engineer however, we do appreciate that those 'competent' to carry out this work safely will take on the task.

All Professional Engineers should carry the appropriate electrical test equipment to prove the safety of an appliance, over and above isolating the equipment at the circuit breaker & cooker switch. We understand that the everyday person is unlikely to own such equipment so, extra caution must be observed at all times. **THINK SAFETY - ELECTRICITY CAN KILL YOU AND OTHERS AROUND YOU THROUGH NEGLEGENT ACTS AND EMISSIONS**

You can buy the correct main oven fan element to fit your Zanussi ZCV662MXC direct from our online shop

Scope of this article

To safely and successfully remove and replace this Zanussi main oven fan element on the model shown in the image below - Zanussi Cooker Model number - ZCV662MXC

Ensure the cooker controls are in the off position then isolate the double pole cooker switch as show in the image below. The switch pushes up to the OFF position

Isolate the cooker circuit at the main circuit breaker in the consumers unit or fuse box as you may know it. All circuits should be clearly marked for clarity. The circuit breaker switch falls to the OFF position as shown. To be extremely safe, the MAIN SWITCH can also be isolated however, this may be an inconvenience as it will SWITCH OFF all electrical systems in the house including lighting. As an engineer, I would now prove safety using a voltage tester across the live and neutral connections at the mains terminal block, found at the rear of the cooker.

When we are sure the appliance is safely isolated, we can now go to work! From inside the main oven cavity we can observe the rear cover, behind which the element is fixed.

Remove the 4 torx head screws using the appropriate sized screwdriver

On successfully removing the rear panel, the element can now be observed. There are 2 screws securing the element, both can be located in the upper bracket as seen in the image. Thankfully on this cooker, the element can be changed from inside the cavity.

Using the torx head screwdriver, remove the 2 bracket screws and release the element

Remove the live and neutral wires from the element using pliers. Note: there is no earth wire attached to the element as the element is secured to the main oven cavity which is earthed.

After successfully removing the old element, carry out the appropriate continuity test on it to prove it is faulty. We're now ready to fit the new element...

Attach the live and neutral wires to the new element. Locate the element back into the correct position and re fit the securing screws

Re fit the rear panel by securing the 4 torx head screws

After successfully carrying out the appropriate electrical safety tests, we can switch the appliance back on to complete the function test. Switch the circuit breaker on by pulling the switch upwards. Switch the double pole cooker switch back on, the switch falls to on. There should now be power to the clock timer on the cooker. Set the clock in line with the manufacturers instructions then select the main oven function and set the temperature to maximum. As the new element contains contaminants from the manufacturing process, the new element must 'burn off' for a period of time. The senses will decide when this process is complete as you will smell it quite clearly. Allow the appliance to reach full temperature which will properly test the new element and main oven thermostat function. Happy?....job done! Your Zanussi oven is now ready to use.

Hopefully this information is helpful for you.

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