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Hotpoint Tumble Dryer Rear Drum Bearing Teardrop Shape Part Number C00142628 - Things to Check First

When moving tumble dryer parts wear (such as a bearing) it's not uncommon for this to impact other working components. The most common symptoms a customer will report when a Hotpoint dryer rear bearing starts to wear is a loud squeeking or screeching noise. Generally, when inspecting a worn bearing, you will find black sooty type deposits in the vicinity of the bearing. Visually you will see an elongation of the bearing hole (at the bottom) as all the pressure pulls down due to the belt tension and of course the load.

Other Things to Check

Check the drum shaft for wear

Check that the drum shaft has not started to cut into the dryer rear panel. If so, the drum shaft must be replaced also.

Check the drive belt condition

Check the jockey wheel condition

Check the front drum slides and felt

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Image of a Hotpoint/Indesit/Creda/Swan Teardrop Shape Rear Bearing

Part Number C00142628


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