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5 ways to care for your washing machine drum.

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

More and more we hear our customers complain of unpleasant odours produced by modern washing machines. Another peeve we regularly attend to are mouldy and discoloured port hole gaskets. When the door gasket absorbs mould, rest ain't coming off!

Mould and bacteria thrive in a warm, moist environment, this makes the insides of a washing machine drum the perfect breading ground for bacteria.

A combination of low temperature wash programmes, non biological detergents, and a lack of regular maintenance promotes and nurtures poor drum health.

How to care for your washing machine.

Complete regular high temperature maintenance washes without a load in the drum. Ideally at a temperature of 90°c.

Clean inside the port hole gasket between washes. This will remove scum matter and residual water which contains bacteria.

When the washing machine is not in use, open the dispenser drawer and main door to allow fresh air to circulate through the inner drum.

Carefully measure detergent levels by following the manufacturers instructions. Excessive detergent volumes can exacerbate poor drum health.

Ensure your washing machine waste pipe is correctly plumbed. This will mitigated the likelihood of waste water backfilling to the washing machine from the sink waste. This is not common however, I have experienced this issue in the past.

As we desire to respect our delicate environment in the modern era, low temperature wash programmes and non biological detergents are accepted as a positive contribution 🙏 I'm on board with this entirely.

So it does well to understand that these emissions will impact the general health of our washing machines. Following the above advice will go some way to mitigate the said issues and prevent premature failure of the appliances working components.

I hope this helps.


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