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Does your LG F1459KD6 washing machine fill with water when switched off?

It never ceases to amaze me, the vast array of domestic appliance problems we encounter from day to day. Encouragingly, most washing machine problems can be repaired cost effectively.

Our customer in Glenrothes, Fife, contacted us to advise of an LG washing machine issue whereby the drum was filling with water when not in use, and whilst switched off at the electrical main. How strange? 🤔 A ghost perhaps? 🤷‍♂️

So there are only two points in which a washing machine can take in water. Through the water inlet solenoid valve, or, the drain outlet waste pipe.

Firstly, establish whether the water in the drum is fresh or waste. Waste water will be other than clear and most likely have an odour to it.

In this instance the water in the drum was clean and clear from contamination. This indicated a potential issue with the washing machine water inlet solenoid valve.

My advice to anyone experiencing this issue is to shut off the water supply to the washing machine at the small blue handled isolation valve under the sink, between washes. This will prove the solenoid valve failure.

In this instance, we replaced the water inlet solenoid valve for our customer and the problem was resolved.

At Kingdom Aplliance Care we specialise in washing machine repairs. Most appliances can be repair within budget saving money on the cost of a replacement.

Hopefully you found this blog post helpful 🙏

To book a washing machine repair with us please call Nina in the shop on 01592 303025 for further assistance.

We're always here to help.


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