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Has your Indesit tumble dryer TDV75(UK) developed a squeaking noise?

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

It's been a busy week for domestic appliance repairs here at Kingdom Appliance Care 🙌

Our customer in Cardenden booked a service visit with us to investigate a squeaking noise from within their Indesit vented tumble dryer.

On removing the rear cover the fault became apparent. The drum shaft had worn through the teardrop bearing and was contacting the rear panel. As a result of this metal on metal contact, a loud squeaking noise was generated.

Whilst this may sound extreme, this repair is actually straight forward to carry out (depending on experience) 😉

In order to replace the necessary parts the drum must be completely removed from the tumble dryer housing. The rivets securing the original drum support must be drilled out and the new support secured using the nuts and bolts within the kit.

When you purchase the tumble dryer repair kit it comes with a basic set of fitting instructions.

The replacement kit is available through our website. You can purchase the kit by following the link below.

Should you require any further advice please contact us direct.

Hopefully you find this information helpful.


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