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Has your Logik Washing Machine Stopped Spinning? Perhaps you need to replace the carbon brushes?

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

If the drum on your logik washing machine has stopped turning or spinning, the motor carbon brushes may need to be replaced.

To inspect the wear on your Logik washing machine carbon brushes, first, isolate the electrical supply by removing the mains plug from the socket to mitigate risk of electric shock.

If the mains plug is inaccessible or the appliance is hard wired with no fuse or switch, I recommend isolation at the consumers unit (fuse box) and further prove that the appliance is dead.

Now. Slide the appliance from under the worktop and tilt it backwards until secured safely between the underside of the worktop and of course the floor surface.

Using an LED torch, identify the brush location on the motor. On a logik washer, the carbon brush bodies are generally a red colour. Remove the two brush securing screws using a Philips type screw driver.

How do you tell if a washing machine carbon brush is worn to failure? Well! A worn brush will show little or no carbon protruding from the plastic brush body. You may also be aware of carbon dust on the surrounding surfaces etc. Your hands and fingers will soon be black ⚫

A healthy carbon brush will have considerably more carbon protruding from the body (at least 10mm) 👌


You can buy replacement logik washing machine carbon brushes direct from our website.

Please follow the link below to the product page.

Kingdom Appliance Care are a family run business.

Thank you for your support 🙏


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