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Uncovering the truth: Samsung RS21NBRS evaporator cover issues.

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Excessive icing and problems with the evaporator cover in Samsung RSH1NBRs fridge freezers have been reported by some users. Here are some of the issues associated with this problem:

  1. Excessive Icing:

When the evaporator cover becomes heavily iced, it can obstruct the proper circulation of cold air within the unit. This can result in uneven cooling and temperature fluctuations, causing food spoilage and freezer burn.

2. Water Leakage:

In some cases, the excessive ice build-up can lead to water leakage inside the fridge freezer. When the ice melts during the defrost cycle, the water should drain through a small hole located at the back of the unit. However, if this drain hole becomes blocked due to ice accumulation, the water can overflow and leak onto the floor.

3. Noisy Operation:

As the ice accumulates on the evaporator cover, the fan responsible for circulating air can encounter resistance and work harder. This increased workload may lead to unusual noises such as buzzing, rattling, or humming, disrupting the normal operation of the fridge freezer.

4. Defrost Issues:

If the defrost system in the fridge freezer malfunctions, it can exacerbate the problem of excessive icing. The defrost heater is responsible for melting the ice on the evaporator coils during the defrost cycle. If the heater fails to function properly, the ice will continue to build up, resulting in the issues mentioned above.

If you are experiencing any of these problems with your Samsung RSH1NBRs fridge freezer, it is recommended to contact Samsung customer support or a professional appliance repair technician. They can assess the situation, identify the root cause of the issue, and provide the appropriate solution or repair.

Feeling confident? Want to replace the evaporator cover on your Samsung fridge freezer yourself? Cool. You can purchase a replacement evaporator cover from our online store.


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