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Kenwood KSBSW17 American Fridge Freezer - E4 Error Code.

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

My fridge freezer sounds like it's about to take off! That's how the symptoms of this Kenwood American Fridge Freezer fault were described to us by the customer....

To determine if the noise from your Kenwood American side by side fridge freezer is associated with the freezer fan motor, simply open the freezer door! This will cut the electrical supply from the circuit board to the fan motor causing the fan to stop rotating. As the fan slows, the noise will stop and in the process make a rumbling noise. Close the door again and the noise will resume. Simultaneously, the display may show the Kenwood E4 code! This is however not conclusive! a visual inspection of the motor and fan assembly is recommended.

The procedure for dis assembling inspecting and replacing the fan motor is as follows

  1. Disconnect the appliance from the energy source and carry out the mandatory electrical safety tests

  2. Remove the top two shelves from the freezer compartment to expose the upper rear fan cover

  3. Using a small flat screwdriver, remove the small white plastic cover in the middle of the panel to reveal the securing screw then remove the screw using a Philips type screwdriver

  4. Remove the outer cover carefully to expose the fan assembly and housing. On doing so you may see a black like greasy residue. This is grinding or dust from the motor bearing points/bushes. An early sign that the motor has failed

  5. Grip the fan blade and move it left to right, up and down etc. Excess play is conclusive that the motor has failed

  6. Proceed to remove the fan assembly by removing the recessed screw within the inner panel

  7. At the top of the panel are three jack plug connections. These connections can only go one way so remove them with confidence. Unclip the wiring from the left hand side of the panel, let them hang forward and away from the panel

  8. There are two securing clips on the left and right hand side of the panel. Move them inwards using a large flat head screwdriver, at the same time pull the panel forwards until it completely releases

  9. Unclip the blade retaining clip using a flat head driver and pull the blade from the motor shaft

  10. Remove the two screws in the motor housing and unclip the housing front half. The faulty motor can now be removed

  11. Remove the rubbers from the old motor, fit to the new motor and reassemble in reverse

On successfully re fitting all components, carry out the appropriate electrical safety tests and engage the appliance with the energy source.

Providing the appliance does not enter a defrost cycle, the appliance should switch on straight away. As it does, the freezer fan motor will run quietly. To prove this, again, open and close the freezer door to start and stop the fan motor. All quiet? Excellent news! You've just repaired your Kenwood fridge freezer successfully. How good are you (smilEy face)

You can purchase an original Kenwood freezer fan motor direct from our store. Please follow the link to our shop product page

You can purchase a compatible, Kenwood freezer fan motor direct from our store. Please follow the link to our shop product page



Affected Kenwood American fridge freezer models:

KSBSDB17 - KSBSW17 - KSBSX17 - KSBSDX15 - KSBSDB15 - KW98A0129 - KFF2DS14 - KFF2DW14 - KFF2DS14 

Can't see your model number? No worries! Call Nina in the office on 01592 303025 with your Kenwood model number, we'll do the rest.

Hopefully this information helps you further.

Many thanks for dropping by



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