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Samsung RS21DCNS Fridge Freezer | Ice maker Not Dispensing Ice...

On the one day a year we have sunshine in Scotland and my customers Samsung fridge freezer ice maker stops making ice! Imagine that!

On initial inspection of the appliance fault I found that the ice tray appeared to be overfilling with water. 

To test the ice maker function, a small black rubber button can be found on the underside of the ice maker. Press and hold it for 2 - 3 seconds. If the ice maker is fully functional, it will carry out a harvest of it's contents, return to it's resting position and fill to a pre determined water level. Note: empty the existing ice first otherwise, it may over flow.

To empty the ice tray manually first remove the ice bucket. Using one hand, pull the ice maker towards you and push the little black rubber upwards. The ice maker will release. 

On further inspection, I found the ice maker issue here to be caused by a break in the ice maker cradle/housing. Under normal operating conditions, as the ice tray rotates a lug on the tray makes contact with a lug/stop on the cradle. At this stage the tray begins to twist and in doing so, the ice cubes are released into the ice bin. The tray would then rotate back to it's resting position and fill with water.

To rectify this problem a new ice maker housing was fitted. The ice maker was function tested to ensure the repair was good. Electrical safety tests were carried out in line with current standards and of course, good working practice.

Hopefully this helps you further.


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